The most common question I am asked is, “Why do you stay in the wine business?” 

 It has taken me several years to come back with a concrete answer.  It used to be because I never got bored, but I’ve discovered the true reason why I have kept up with the wine business is simply because there is ALWAYS an opinion.  Whether it is about how a wine should taste, how regulations should be handled, which varietal is the best, or how a wine label should be designed, everybody finds a way to express their opinion.  Whether you have studies for 15 or 5 years, you are ENTITLED to your opinion.  The focus shouldn’t be on if you are right or wrong, but the fact that you are speaking out about something.  So, as I always like to remind you, there is no such thing as an instant expert, there is only your own palate.  No matter what you think of a wine, a wine maker, regulations, or wine labels, feel free to discuss it, you can only learn more.