I have noticed a few trends that are coming back into play into the wine world. The first being Roses. Not too long ago, if you walked into a country club and saw two women drinking something pink, it would have been white zinfandel. No more…. Now it is a dry Rose. I have seen Roses making a comeback and I am gladly supporting this trend.  The next one is big, oaky, powerhouse Chardonnays. Many wineries expanded their portfolios to include stainless Chardonnays a few years back to accommodate the switch, but recently I have seen many grabbing onto the "there's so much in that glass you will need a chair and whip to get that chardonnay tamed' chardonnays. This is what turned me onto chardonnays in the beginning and I am glad to see their return. I have also seen flavored wines being minimized as of late. A few years ago we saw an abundance of wines flavored with mint, raspberry, coffee or chocolate but the shelves seem to carry a smaller section now. 

These trends are what make wine interesting. Taking different perspectives is the way to go. Embrace new trends, but if you want to go back to the old, well that's fine as well.  I like seeing people experiment, you never know what is right around the corner.