We have had some really interesting guests on the show recently and I think it shows a promising future for wine.

Whether it is the story of Justin Winery and what they are doing in Paso Robles to Doug Shafer who has done so much for his community and still just wants to create, there are great things that are happening in the industry. Compare these stories to those of wineries being bought out and snatched up, these family wineries are pioneers and standing on their own two feet. They are looking to make great wine, use positive business practices and are giving back to their communities- they are the heart and soul of the wine industry. Yes, popping that cork, smelling the wine.. . this is important, but when you look at these families and their stories and the caring nature of these wineries, what more could you ask for? Get to know the stories of the wineries and see what they are about, it will enhance your wine experience even more.