As we all begin to contemplate our summer bacations, I want to put a small bug in your ear

about what to expect as you travel around as a wine lover and experience different things in great restaurants.   For those traveling to to tourist destination, please do not have your heart set on one brand of wine or may have your heart crushed.  For those wanting to consume some wine on your vacation, I have two pieces of advice...

1)   If you are not able to live without a certain wine, pack it in your bag or have it shipped to you.  This way you know that you will not have to do without.

2)   More imporanty, before you travel, do some research.  Check out the area you are visiting and search for wine friendly places.  There is nothing worse than being thirsty and walking around a desert of commercial enterprises that offers nothing you enjoy. 

So, as you prepare for vacation, make sure you prepare at least a week in advance to ensure you will have those things you enjoy readily available on your trip.