Yes, you do know more about wine than you give yourself credit for..... You know that

1)     White zinfindel or anything pink in the bottle is based on the red grape.

2)     Kendell Jackson is the winery, not a type of wine.

3)     You can pronounce merlot.

4)     Fume-blanc is not the name of the grape.

5)     It is acceptable to drink what color of wine you want regardless of the meal.

6)     It is recommended to chill your reds at room temperature.

7)     When you have ordered a cabernet that your have shortened the grape name.

8)     French labels do not give you the varietal.

9)     You know a little more about wine because you listen to the Wine Crush.

10)   You may know a little less about wine than others, but do not care... You are going to drink what you like and nt what you are told.