I always enjoy our guests on the Wine Crush, but this week was great for one reason- breaking stereotypes.

No, I did not pay Rajat to say 'drink what you like,' but this week we did get a chance to destroy a stereotype.  I truly believe that you should drink what you like and not what you are told.  I preach, preach and preach this because this is what it all comes down to.  Whether it is a magazine, sommelier, or a wine educator gives you a suggestion, if you do not like it, do not drink it.   Everybody has this vision of what a sommelier looks like-white skin, pointy nose, very starched shirt, pens on his jacket, the waiter wrap over his arm, and snooty....  but this is in our head, they are not what we envision.  We got rid of this steroetype years ago.  Some of the descriptive words our guests used this week are humility, service, value, and passion.   Passion is my favorite because no matter what "level" you are drinking at, you will always have that moment when you are looking at a wine list and you need clarity.  That is when you need the sommelier to come over and help guide you...and the good ones always do.