I just read a survey where 2,000 people were questioned about their wine views and 84% felt that are being ripped off with wine selections in restaurants.

 Well, I have one finger to point ..... and that finger is pointed at you.  Ulitimately we are living in the time of the perfect storm of great wine drinking and wine value.  Everybody has an excess of juice and grapes- most wineries have wine that they need to get out of the door before the vintages change.  What does this mean for the consumer?

All the wine that we have enjoyed that run from $30-$60, you can now find them for almost half the price.  So if you have this great value and are presented this wonderful opportunity, why did 84% of those polled believe they are being ripped off at restaurants?  Study, listen and learn a little about wine.  There has never been a better time to do it and it has never been easier to learn.  Whether it is this wine show, a book, or all the wonderful websites available.....do a little research.  Make this the time to learn about wine so the next time you go to a restaurant you can realize what great values the restaurant and industry is giving