One thing that I have noticed about Valentine's Day is the high expectations we hold for this holiday (similar to New Year's Eve).  We expect such perfection on this evening that it is sometimes difficult to meet the standards we have set.

Everyone wants to go out and have a great experience.  Perfect food, perfect service and no problems attached...well this can be difficult for restaurants.  Not all are equipped to deal with several tables of two- so you need to realize that your server may have many of these tables and the kitchen may be a little overwhelmed.  So take a deep breath, be patient, and realize the reason you are really there- to celebrate with the one you love.  Here are three recommendations for a fantastic Valentine's Day:

1) Do not have unrealistic expectations

2) Drink some champagne or a sweet wine (Banfi Rosa Regale, Dolce) with your dessert. 

3) Look for specials...For example, one of my local restaurants is offering two steaks, crabcakes, dessert and a  bottle of wine in a box.  All you have to do is drop by and pick it up for a great evening at home.