The question that I am most often asked is, "What should I bring ?"  I'm here to make life a little easier.

I have three simple rules that I go by and I believe that they are solid enough to pass along to you.  People invite you to their party to accentuate their party.  Return that compliment by bringing something that reflects you.

1)I don't care where you are from, if you are invited to a party, you must bring a host/hostess gift.  It's not a 'southern tradition,'  it goes for everyone.   And these days, an invite is considered a phone call, email, and most certainly a snail mail invitation.

2)Buy a case of wine, whether it is a mixed case or one that you are extremely fond of and want to recommend.  And more often than not, your local retailer will give you a discount on that case.  Also pick up some wine bags, usually close to the front of the shop.  And for those who are worried about offending somebody who may not drink, there are great sparkling ciders and other non-alcoholic bottles that can be purchased.

3)Here are my four standbys.  These are categories that will cover your basis and I have a brand recommendation as well.

Champagne- Taittinger

Port- Fonseca Bin 27

Red Blend- Stags Leap Hands of Time Red

White Blend- Conundrum White