Yes, I was out looking for candy on November 1st and I couldn't find any.  Why?  Because all of the Halloween candy has been put away to make room for Christmas decorations. 

We still have Thanksgiving coming up right?  We need to get ourselves centered about the upcoming season.  In light of all that is to come, we begin to see all of the glossy magazine covers telling us what to drink with our holiday meal and what wine gifts should be at the top of our shopping lists.  I don't know about you, but I have a difficult time replicating that perfect table setting that I saw on television or magazine cover.  I would love to help you figure it out...but I need to hear from you.  I am asking for your deepest concerns about the holiday season....ones you don't really want to ask out loud.  Believe me, others are wanting to ask the same things.  Email me at and I will highlight them each week through the holiday season.