I have embraced the craft beer movement. In my business, I not only get many wine questions, I also have been getting a lot of craft beer questions. I believe this movement is doing good things for the wine industry. If you think about it, both craft and wine drinkers are looking for the same thing.. that distinct taste. Craft beer drinkers are looking for not only hops, but for watermelon, strawberry, or even cucumber… A natural progression from this is wine. For example, I was at an event the other day and I spoke to a gentleman who was excited about his recent purchase of a pumpkin shandy. His excitement stemmed from being able to put it away for a while and bring it out when it was a little cooler and adding some cinnamon and sugar on the rim of a glass to add to the flavor.  What types of trends are you seeing in your local wine and beer shop? Email me at [email protected]