Whether it is in the ratings, in your shopping cart, or on the local mega mart's shelf, there is always some kind of angle when it comes to buying and selling wine.

As Americans, we are highly competitive.  Yes, we all like to say that we whish well for our neighbors and that we want the best for others, but let's face facts...we are all capitalists, we like to go after it, and we want to win. 

One exception... wine contests.  We have highlighted a few on the show, and these are a win win for everybody.  Something I would like to point out, whether we are talking about the Biltmore or Build a Better Burger contests, there is no purchased required to enter.  The legalities aside, I think it is  a great that they are looking at brining you something besides the bottle.  They are making you think about the brand, the background.

So often, what we end up doing is walking down the aisle at the mega mart and just looking at the label, vitner, or year and saying "okay, I will buy it on that."  It is contests like these that make you truly investigate what is behind the wine and the stories that come with each bottle.  This is what I think is key if you are going to learn about wine.