Things can get hectic in this industry.  It does not matter if you are on your first bottle of wine or your 100,000 bottle,

you have to realize that so much goes into the production of that wine and what goes on behind it affect so many different levels of society.  Whether you are buying it at your local mega mart, worrying about whether the production is green, if a moth is going to disappear or come back, concerned about the people who are taking care of the winery, or whether the government will let you ship wine and telling you what you can and can not drink.....something like this will come up each day and impact our lives.  Whichever one of these begins to frazzle you, there is always an aspect to wine that you can take.  People who say they do not drink wine because it does not affect their daily life- think of the "Kevin Bacon/ Six Degrees of Separation"....someway, somehow, there is a little bit of wine that affects all of us and the best way to get through it is to drink more of it.