I believe that you should be a little more knowledgeable about the farming aspect of wine. - understand as we look ahead to the next 5 to 6 weeks, everyone will be keeping an eye on what's going to happen to the 2014 crop. When you start looking at these frosty, cold days you are looking at cabernet sauvignon, mourvedre, sauvignon blanc, and syrah- all of these are in danger of being frost bitten. Obviously we are in a situation where we may lose some of these vines. 2014 may be one of the most interesting years on record. It will be a true test of strength and character to talk with our winemaker friends as they look ahead at the rocky path that mother- nature my bring them.

With all the observations and predictions, it still comes down to one aspect- people are drinking more wine. The more people do something, the more obsessed we become. Insert the surveys, questionnaires and stories about what you should be drinking, what most people are drinking, and why you should follow the trend. So, I get to reiterate my favorite piece of advice.. Drink what you like, not what you are told. .. And don't become part of the study.