If I looked at you and said the word bland, what you think?

I know a good portion of you would say oatmeal, some would say vanilla.  Others, not from my region, would says grits...without butter and salt.  So what exactly is bland?

There are some that believe that's where we are going with the wine business.  They believe it's what we are now making and consuming.  Is American wine starting to get bland?

Is it truth or fiction?  Honestly, I don't think its truth.  However, the more we get into ratings, the more we look at what is coming out of California and Washington state, there does seem to be a consistency across the board. Is it that people are standing out and making exxceptional wines or have we become accustomed to a certain varietal and profile that we continue to go back to again, again, and again?  Is this our mother's chocolate chip cookies, our soul food, that which gives us comfort? Or do we just simply not want to step outside the box?

I don't know about you, but I have never appreciated being referred to as anything similar to the term bland, and I don't think you should either.  Now's going to be a very good time to go out and try something different so we don't vote ourselves into a situation where everything tastes the same for the next five years.