I strongly believe there are 5 P’s that make wine your beverage of choice.  Why you drink what you drink when you drink it. 

Proximity, Price, Publication… And the last two are very simple, I preach them all the time.  The fourth is Paradox.  Let’s face the facts, the health values of wine shot up wine consumption 15% in the first 3 months after the reports began coming out…and sales continue to rise due to these statistics.  The argument still rages on,  but it is still a deciding factor on why consumers switch to wine.  The fifth P is the life and soul of the what the Wine Crush represents .. Perception.  The lifestyle, glamour, fun…easy drinking.  You can define yourself by what you drink.  There is a different varietal for each of your moods.  Again, it is based on what you like.  Ultimately, the perception has change.  You can sit at a pub and order a glass of wine, it is not the rich man’s drink anymore,  and you will always find something you like.