Now that the holidays are over, I don't know about you, but I am feeling a bit claustrophobic.  This can only mean one thing- quit drinking by ourselves in the house and go out to see what the city has to offer. 

I encourage you to see what new restaurants and bars have opened in your area.  This is the time of year when exciting concepts debut- new by the glass wines, diverse wine lists, and different vintages are premiered.  Truly, it is the dawn of new things about wine.  As we go through 2010, your motto should be....Let's experiment and give the new guys a chance.  Be adventurous, whether it is trying the new restaurant around the corner or a wine that has been featured, fulfill yourself and learn everything you wanted to know about wine- and bring along some friends in your journey.  There is only one way to accomplish this task...One glass at a time.