These are for the wine for yourself...

12)   Put down your ratings and drink something for the fun of it.

11)  Plant a grape vine- it will teach you a lot.

10)  Take a hour to sit and read a chapter or two  of James Conway's Far Side of Eden.

9)     Do not stress the concept of food and wine pairings- in a crunch...chardonnay and popcorn will do in a pinch.

8)    Open that bottle that you have been saving.

7)    Drink a glass of sherry.

6)    Take advantage of wine-making products.

5)    Order an aroma kit.

4)    Drink a glass of bubbly before lunch.

3)    Do not wait until the new year, start a wine journal now...and remember to use it

2)    Eat dessert first..order a glass of champagne and a chocolate plate

1)    Try a true dessert wine... Dolce, muscat, icewine......