I have a list...a pretty short, but necessary, list of items for football tailgates...NO exceptions!

1)     True Finger Food...none of that stuff you can't eat when somebody forgets silverware.

2)     Folding chairs....You can never have too many of these.  You know somebody always ends up having to stand around.

3)     Blankets...Can be used as a backup lounger (when somebody didn't provide enough folding chairs) or to keep warm.  No whining about you can't take the cold...It's football season!!

4)     Trash bags...you may laugh, but there are plenty who forget

5)     The three B's- Beer, Bourbon and Bubbles

6)     Plastic colored cups....No officer, it's just a diet coke

7)     Radio...Have to hear the pre game!

8)     2 coolers....1 for just water and the other for ice and mixers