Everyone has an opinion about closures.  Whether you enjoy the romance of the cork or you think the screw cap is an easy, fresh solution....you have an opinion.  BR Cohn has asked us to hold a poll of our listeners to see if they should switch to screw caps.

My outlook on this you ask...well it is all about value.  If I am at a restaurant or buying a bottle at the grocery store, megamart, or wine shop, I want to open that bottle and have no doubt that the wine is good, complete and know what the wine will taste like.  If it has that screw cap on it, I know for a fact that it is what the winemaker intended.  That is what he put in the barrel.  

Now....let us know what you think.  To the right of this blog is the poll I want you to take...  Vote,  let the true voice of the Wine Crush be heard by BR Cohn.