10.   What game?  I thought it was just commercials.

9.      To see your neighbors that you only see once a year...and during the game you remember why you only wave to them during the rest of the year.

8.      Because where else can you eat chili, nachos, wings, and 7 layer dip and say "It's tradition."

7.      What other event has defined something  as big as "wardrobe malfunction?"

6.      To see what rock 'n rollers are still alive.

5.       To fully understand the new catch phrases your "hip" friends will be using for the next 6 months.."Dude, Sweet, WHAAAAAT's Up....."  Need I say any more after these 3?

4.        Because as of Monday, you know that all your favorite tv shows will no longer be reruns.

3.       Although you know there is no SEC football until August, you can keep up with all the players who used to be there.

2.       93.2 million people can't be wrong

1.       Because Wine Crush, your favorite wine show, won't be on for another week- so what else do you have to do?

Enjoy the game! ...Talk to you next week.