Week two of my grand resolutions continues and I have decided that all of this is much easier drinking a few glasses of chardonnay...House  is clean, soup is cooking, and after attempting to revisit

my devotion of yoga, only my fingers have escaped being too sore to move.  Going back to the chardonnay- has anyone else noticed the recent pricing slide?  I have to admit, I have always been a little spoiled in having wine around the house with this gig, but lately, even at my local megamarts, GOOD wine is inching down.  Two large past vintages, new vintage coming out and the economy surfing the porcelain bowl, I can't imagine why wineries would want to "discount" some of their current releases.

Even the wineries are feeling the pinch as their new vintage whites start to come on line and they still have pallets of 2006 and 2007 crowding their warehouses.  As much as I feel their pain, good for us. This will be a great next 90 days for those of us looking for values in white wine as wineries ditch some of their surplus.  So, raise a glass to the fact that whereas most everything is going up, premium tier wines are going down and helping to lubricate all the tedious chores that lay ahead of us in these post New Year months