Happy New Year, and welcome to the first entry of my "New Years Resolution." My goal, no matter how short, is to update this blog every week.  (In addition to MY resolution, my producer has resolved to nag me to death if I don't - double motivation.) 

See, for those of you who listen on a more regular basis, (and those who don't- join us each week!) you understand that I am of the generation where a conversation is a face to face event, ergo, a blog is going to take me a bit of getting used to.  (Even now, the happy paper clip on my word program is telling me that "blog" is not a word).  To make this amusing though, I am going to need your help.

Let me know what is on your mind, what you want to talk about or how exactly you want me to mock you..that last part will really save both of us a lot of time.  Blog, call, email, lets get to the heart of the matter and hear what you are interested in.  So see, this is going to work really well...I get nagged, you get nagged and everyone is happier in the end. 

This week, I am recovering from the holidays, cleaning out my house, and working on the upcoming Inauguration show.  Although we have a fun show planned, there is still one daunting question that I want answered...What wine is being served at the inauguration?  I would imagine that we could predict a lot about the upcoming Presidency if we just knew what he was drinking.  Is it going to be high end, expensive cult wines and in that case are they donated (just like the rest of his party)? 

Or is it nice and inexpensive,like what the rest of us are having to drink right now....enquiring minds want to know.  I hope, at least, it is a US made wine (although I hear he is bolting for Canada shortly).  Let's take an informal poll....let me know what you think is being  erved and what the ramifications are.  I look forward to hearing from all of you, and this is me, signing off on day one o my resolution.  God help us all.