Seriously, think of all the complex luxury goods in the world.  Some of the top ones:  Gold, diamonds, platinum, gem stones, essences, truffles, ice in your Scotch in Europe....what do all these items have in common?  Scarcity, or at least perceived scarcity.  They are hard to get, therefore they are expensive and require a vocabulary of their own. 

How the hell do grapes fit in here?  Grapes are grown in every state, every country and even on islands we have not found yet.  Fermentation is a natural process, in fact, near impossible to stop (elephants make it for fun).  So we have every country with the right tools to make this beverage at will....and it is a luxury?  It is misunderstood?

Wine is actually easier to make than beer, and yet you don't see Bubba down at the Dew Drop Inn hesitating between Bud and Bud Light because ordering one or the other is confusing or might make him look less than worldly do you?  So, once again, how did wine get the rap of being an elitist drink, expensive to own, difficult to maintain and terrifying to order?  Beats the hell out of me, but it is time to say enough is enough.

No more cowering in wine aisles, hiding behind lists or asking an eighteen year old server, who has never tasted the stuff, to recommend what you should be consuming.  No one is going to think less of you, make fun of you or take away your country club membership because you do not know the difference between a gewürztraminer and a gruner.  Try them, try them all and only through trial and error will you find what you like.