There are two primary questions that I have been asked since the Crush started: The first-  "How did you get in the Wine business?" and the second  " How did you wind up doing a radio show?" I have to admit, depending on the tone of voice when those questions are asked,

I do wonder if the person inquiring is simply interested in my background, or just shocked that I am representative of the wine trade.  Either way, they both pave the way for interesting conversations.

The first question is easy, and is something that is good for all wine drinkers to remember.  Unless you are from a First Growth Family, no one consciously makes the decision- "I want to be in the Wine business when I grow up".   If you talk to 99 out of 100 people in the business, you will find that all of us fell into the business.... or we did something really evil in a past life and this is cosmic punishment. 

There are people who aspire to be in this business... until they realize that it is not nonstop 100 point tastings, black tie every night, and rubbing elbows with the elite while eating caviar all the time.  In fact, the only thing glamorous about the wine business is saying "I am in the wine business".  In reality it is a 24/7 job dealing with some of the most temperamental people on the planet.  There is an old saying, "Never approach horses or restaurants from the rear".  Violation of that, is, in essence your job description when you commit yourselves to selling wine.

I have been doing the wine thing for about 20 years.  Thank God, I fell into it when I was 18, or I never would have had the energy to tackle this lifestyle now.  Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing, but if I had to start over again, I would look for something less stressful and more rewarding....perhaps in the field of Air Traffic Control. I will tackle the second question next time!