I have an issue with Price vs. Quality and I have preached to drink what you want and not what people tell you.   The National Academy of Sciences came out with a study that says wine is more enjoyable at $90 a bottle instead of $10.  It states that by manipulating prices, we can change how wine tastes without changing the wine.  They say that this is "Mind Blowing...."

Of course this is mind blowing, it is consumer perception. The simple fact is that money can NOT change the taste.  BIG MYTH- Wine is perceived as a luxury item...and studies like this try to keep that myth alive.  I feel certain that I can take 2 bottles of wine- one that is $40 and another that is $10 - turn around and serve both to you in a blind taste test....and you could NOT taste the difference.

A trend that goes along with this and I think people shy away from is the wine in boxes.  They see the cardboard on the shelf, etc....and people think it is not drinkable.  You have Kendall Jackson, Gallo, and the fine people who brought us 2 Buck Chuck...a lot of big people are doing quality juice in a box.    What is Great about them- no glass to pay for, packaging is less expensive, and they can sit for 3 weeks and still be as good as the first day- they see no air. 

 Step out of the bottle and try a box.