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Host: Laura LawsonThe Wine Crush is a one hour dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle program that not only explains and demystifies the world of wine, but demonstrates how wine can be integrated with every day life. Host Laura Lawson is a veteran in the wine business who manages to couple her vast wine knowledge with her unique sense of humor and tactful sarcasm. The emphasis is on the lighter side of wine and the good humor that should accompany it. Refreshing and upbeat, Wine Crush satisfies both the novice and the expert wine drinker; with guests ranging from winemakers and industry experts to chefs, etiquette experts, celebrities and more.


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What kind of Wine Drinker are You?

Drinking from passion or a formula...

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2012 Panther Creek Cellars Pinot Gris, Oregon

This Oregon white is refreshing and a nice change for me.  It is tremendous with grilled seafood.2012 Panther Creek Cellars Pinot Gris, Oregon

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For some great seasonal recipes, check out Wine Crush regular guest Richard Haake’s site.