The Wine Crush

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The Wine Crush
July 25, 2018
Laura continues to get pelted with wedding wine questions, even here at the end of July.
Date Name
02/12/19 The Wine Crush This week, we celebrate women in wine. Laura Lawson is the host.
02/10/19 The Wine Crush Laura is still feeling no love for Valentine's Day.
01/29/19 The Wine Crush This week, the subject is terroir, the natural environment in which wine is produced. Laura Lawson hosts.
01/23/19 The Wine Crush Laura's guest this week is Lance Cutler, author of Mature Surveillance: Wine Country Musings
01/16/19 The Wine Crush Guests are Bruce Walker, Starry Night Winery; and Kristin Donnelly, Editor of Food and Wine Magazine.
01/08/19 The Wine Crush Part two of examining our relationship with wine as we begin a new year. Laura Lawson hosts.
01/02/19 The Wine Crush A new year ushers in a new relationship with wine. Laura Lawson hosts.
12/26/18 The Wine Crush Laura welcomes the new year by examining the history of the toast, plus some great wine recommendations.
12/19/18 The Wine Crush From this ghost of Christmas past, Laura welcomes Alder Yarrow, the founder and Editor, to discuss what gift you would give the wine world this season.
12/12/18 The Wine Crush The holiday wine line is open! Laura Lawson hosts.
12/04/18 The Wine Crush Laura's guest is Jon Bonné, Wine Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.
11/27/18 The Wine Crush Tis the season already, and there's no reason to let the stress of the holidays get you down - not with wine around! Laura Lawson hosts.
11/20/18 The Wine Crush Tis the beginning of the holiday season, and Laura has some festive wine ideas.
11/13/18 The Wine Crush Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Laura gets us prepared with guest Brandon Allen, Co-Founder/Winemaker with Slo Down Wines.
11/07/18 The Wine Crush Laura thinks it may be time to pop the corks on those special bottles of wine you've been holding on to.
10/30/18 The Wine Crush Laura's guest is Brad Binko, owner and winemaker for Eternal Wines and Drink.
10/24/18 The Wine Crush Just in time for Halloween, some frightening wine information. Laura Lawson hosts.
10/16/18 The Wine Crush More from the world of champagne with special guest Jerome Jeandin. Laura Lawson hosts.
10/09/18 The Wine Crush This week, the studio is filled with guests who will help us appreciate the wonderful world of champagne.
10/03/18 The Wine Crush This week, do wine ratings sway your opinion of your fondness for a wine? Laura Lawson hosts a live, in-studio wine tasting.