Laura Lawson was born and raised in Atlanta, the only daughter of an engineer and a teacher; which meant that from an early age she could analyze just about any situation and tell you precisely what you did wrong. Very much a daughter of the South, she pursued her higher education at the University of Georgia where she majored in Business a few times, with a minor in business law-just in case she could not argue her point well enough by then.

After her four year break from reality in Athens, fate stepped in and handed her the career every Georgia graduate dreams of, a gig in the wine business. After a brief stint in Atlanta, she was moved to North Carolina to continue to ply and hone her trade, after all the wine business had been berry, berry good for her.

Laura has made the wine business her home. Each week she brings a unique perspective to the listeners and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the audience. She believes her pursuit of knowledge has led her to four truths: 1. A day in which nothing is learned is wasted. 2. The more she learns, the less she knows. 3. A day without wine just meant that it was time for Scotch and finally, 4. Drink more; it will eventually all go away.