If you have been watching the news lately, you have seen that sin tax is back.

Legislators are looking at putting further taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, etc.  Here is my question, if you can afford your alcohol, cigarettes, firearms,etc, why should you pay more taxes because somebody has classified them as sinful?  If we want, let's get to the basics and define how items become defined as "sin"- let's get a baseline everyone can relate to.... the seven deadly sins. 

If we are going to tax based on sin perspective...

Lust-  More taxes on porn, condoms and lingerie.

Glutony- More taxes on foods with trans fats.  Late night pizza deliveries, donuts,

Greed- More taxes on lottery tickets, new technology, five bedroom houses when you only need two,

Sloth- More taxes on bottled water, microwave dinners, housekeepers and liposuction.

Rath- Tax the people who file frivolous lawsuits into the court system.

Envy- More taxes on the gossip mags and the country club memberships.

Pride- More taxes on salon visits and plastic surgeries.